I am going to let you in on a carefully guarded secret about cooking. No other cookware can rival a cast iron skillet.


For cooks who know this secret, the black cast iron skillet is their kitchen’s most essential item. The black skillet is the secret to the delicious and flavor filled, mouth-watering meals everyone loves, that insiders absolutely do not want you to know about. How else could they keep you begging them to bring that dish everyone love again and again? How else could you follow the recipe they gave you exactly and it still not taste right? They know you have no clue. It’s the mystery of the cast iron skillet.

In order for you to get your food packed with sensational tastes and bold flavors, you need a cast iron skillet.

This site is about cast iron skillets.

Within these pages you will find skillet recipes, learn how to season a skillet and more. You’ll also find cast iron recipes for other cookware too. This includes dutch oven recipes and recipes with other cast iron pots like the popular cast iron grill pan. Plus a few cookware reviews and book reviews too. However, if you’re new to the joy of cast iron cookware, read along a learn a bit of my story.

My journey to black skillet, a.k.a. cast iron skillet cooking