Three Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking

3 Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking

When people talk about the benefits of cast iron cooking a few ideas get repeated over and over again. Among those often listed are the health benefits of iron, the fact that compared to modern cookware cast iron skillets and cookware is easy to clean and of course, absolutely perfect, fluffy golden brown pancakes.

Well, not just pancakes but practically everything cooked in a black cast iron skillet takes on another level of delicious that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. However, aside from being healthy to use, easy to clean and the foundation for crispy fried chicken or fried green tomatoes, cast iron skillets have other benefits.

Cast iron is versatile.

What other cookware can put on as many hats as your cast iron? Use it on the stove, throw it in the oven, have it on the grill, serve with it on the table and without fear of it becoming damaged, take it with you on a camping trip.

The versatility of cast iron doesn’t stop there. The powerful use of cast iron extends beyond where you cook it, but also how you can cook with it as well. A simple cast iron skillet can do the work of multiple pieces of standard cookware. With one cast iron skillet, you can fry, stew and braise meats, you can bake cornbread, make sauces, broil in the oven or toss on the grill.

Cast iron is economical.

The economical benefits have already shown themselves in cast iron’s versatility. By being able to serve so many uses, cast iron eliminates the need to buy pots and pans that you do not need. When compared to other pans, cast iron is very affordable. If one cast iron skillet is $50 dollars and it replaces four other similar priced pots or pans, you have already saved $150 dollars. Considering that cast iron has no plastic, wood or other parts that can melt, crack or need replacing, your savings only goes up.

Cast iron is environmentally friendly.

As cast iron versatility lends to it being economical, the economical benefits lend to cast iron being environmentally friendly. While a cast iron skillet is not compost material, it is friendly to the environment. Given the lengthy lifespan of cast iron in comparison to standard cookware, the lack of a need for detergent and its multifunctional capabilities, I think it is safe to say that cast iron cookware is environmentally friendly and helps you in leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

If you factor in companies like Lodge dedicated to Eco-Responsibility it only gets better.