Cast Iron Skillets are Great for Camping

Cast Iron Skillets are great for Camping

If you go camping and there is only one piece of cookware that you can bring along, make sure it is a cast iron skillet. A cast iron skillet is durable, reliable and everything you want to eat besides roasted marshmallows, you can make with a cast iron skillet.

From bacon to oatmeal and all things in-between a cast iron skillet has you covered. This makes packing much simpler because you have far less to load. Plus if you have to hike to your campsite, this makes for less stuff to carry.

Also after cooking, you get the additional benefit of an easy cleanup. Their multi-purpose functionality allow you a great range of cooking options in the outdoors and the quality construction of cast iron cookware allows for you to take and have concern for it getting damaged.

From vegetables, to soups and sauces, to meat and freshly caught fish the cast iron skillet fits in your camping gear right with your compass and waterproof matches.