My Cast Iron Skillet Story


I am going to let you in on a carefully guarded secret about cooking. No other cookware can rival a cast iron skillet.


For cooks who know this secret, the black cast iron skillet is their kitchen’s most essential item. The black skillet is the secret to the delicious and flavor filled, mouth-watering meals everyone loves, that insiders absolutely do not want you to know about. How else could they keep you begging them to bring that dish everyone love again and again? How else could you follow the recipe they gave you exactly and it still not taste right? They know you have no clue. It’s the mystery of the cast iron skillet.

In order for you to get your food packed with sensational tastes and bold flavors, you need a cast iron skillet.

This site is about cast iron skillets.

Within these pages you will find skillet recipes, learn how to season a skillet and more. You’ll also find cast iron recipes for other cookware too. This includes dutch oven recipes and recipes with other cast iron pots like the popular cast iron grill pan. Plus a few cookware reviews and book reviews too. However, if you’re new to the joy of cast iron cookware, read along a learn a bit of my story.

The Cast Iron Skillet Recipe Story

I used to be like you. I thought I could cook pretty good. My pancakes were great. Bacon and sausages were good. Tomato sauce to die for. You’d swear I was from Italy. My fried chicken and fried fish were perfect compliments to my golden delicious french fries. All was right in my kitchen. At least I thought. Then a friend of friend showed up with her Holiday dressing and stole what usually is my thunder at the company’s end of the year pot luck. Everyone loves my dressing! Or should I say loved. Three years at the company, three years my dressing was requested. And I had to make more each year. At least I used too.

At the last party, a co-worker who I will call Beth had a relative in town and being such a goodie two shoes she did not want to leave her relative at home while she was having a good time. Bethany was supposed to bring just potato salad.

Image my surprise when Beth and this out-of-towner walked in, with potato salad and dressing. I laughed it off, because my dressing was a reigning champion, family recipe handed down to me personally. This is the type of dressing that people who say they hate dressing turn in to greedy monsters who get seconds and sometimes third’s when they think no one is looking.

Anyway, at the party we are all eating, drinking and having a great time. At pot luck you can tell who cooks and who can’t by what they bring. The usual stuff of course, spaghetti, fried chicken, baked chicken, garlic crab, a few salads, macaroni and cheese, lasagna and honestly most of it of it is pretty good. But my dressing always has them scraping the bottom of the pan looking for more. But not this time.

This newcomer and her plain looking corn bread stuffing were stealing the show!

Good food makes people happy. Smiles of joy, satisfied appetites and lots of laughter usually come with a good meal. Complete pandemonium would be a safe description here. At this party people were delirious. Everyone wanted to get to know Beth’s guest and talk, and talk, and talk some more about her dish. By the end of the night, her dish was empty and mine was half full.

I had to find out her secret.

Beth’s guest was my new best friend. Beth and I worked different shifts so when she worked I gladly entertained my new friend and one night during karaoke I sprung the opportunity to find out all the details of her recipe.

I thought I was being casual, but she knew what I was looking for and said plainly to me in her squeaky mouse like voice, “I will tell you a secret. It’s really not the ingredients at all. Our recipes are just about the same, the thing is instead of using a pie tin or Pyrex to bake my cornbread I make sure to always, and I mean always use a cast iron skillet.”

And with that, she smiled and bolted up to the stage to sing an 80′s tune she remembered her babysitter used to always play.

She left town the following night.

My dressing has never been the same.

In kindness she shared the cast iron skillet cooking secret. Now, out of that same kindness I am sharing with you.