Paleo Breakfast Scramble Recipe

Paleo Breakfast Scramble Recipe

Eggs are a significant part of the paleo diet.

Frittatas have so many varieties that you probably could eat a different one for nearly a year and still not reach the limit. But what about breakfast?

Sure you could have a paleo fritatta but the time it takes usually is more than the time people often have for breakfast. This paleo breakfast scramble recipe is quick, delicious and makes great use for your cast iron skillet.


½ lb to ¾ lb meat*¼ cup onion
3 eggs.
¼ cup mushrooms
¼ cup bell pepper
2 cloves garlic
½ cup broccoli

For meat, feel free to use your imagination. Use your favorite sausage, hamburger meat, diced stew meat or even left over steak or chops.

Just make sure you dice your meat to bite sized pieces.


Step one of this paleo recipe is preheating your cast iron skillet. All of your vegetables need to be bite-sized. This helps for a full range of flavors in each bite.

Depending on your paleo preference, you may use butter, if you do add it to the skillet, creating a thin layer on top. If you do not use butter, other options include beef tallow or coconut oil.

Despite the joy of emulating savage cooking, be sure to cook your meat thoroughly and before combining with your vegetables in your skillet.

Toss your broken ground meat into the skillet, then after a few minutes when nearly finished push to the side and add your mixed vegetables on the other side.

When the vegetables are about halfway finished combine them with your meat on one-half of the skillet, then crack 2 to 3 eggs onto the available side.

Be sure to coat the skillet with oil or butter first.

Allow the eggs to cook to near completion before breaking apart. Just before the eggs finish, combine with the rest of your ingredients. Season the scramble with paprika, garlic powder, parsley and black pepper.

By adding the seasoning towards the end you require less as the flavors still stay on top and do not get lost. Making no need to use salt.