Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Finex USA 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet

Mike Whitehead from Portland, Oregon had a dream. His dream became an idea. He took his idea in American fashion and thanks to over 1,500 backers to his Kickstarter project, made it reality. That reality is now Finex Iron Works, known as FinexUSA, makers of the Finex Cast iron Skillet, a reinvention of the timeless cast iron skillet known and loved by chefs around the world for versatility and ability to provide flavor like nothing else in the kitchen.

For the past two years, Mike hacked his personal cookware until he reached the limits. When existing cast iron could no longer satisfy his quest for perfection, he took his engineering background and his love for cooking and infused the revered, yet aging wonder with modern technology and intention. The result is an eight-sided design with ample pour points (6 in all) that Mike believes will make it that much easier to get gravy, sauces and other delicious foodstuff from the pan to the plate.

In addition to the six pouring points on the Finex skillet, there is a wire spring handle to dissipate heat quicker and to help you handle the skillet with more confidence. Mike’s thought on traditional handles were that they either are too thin to handle the bulky cast irons they were attached too or simply too short to properly balance the weight. If you’ve ever handled a hot and heavy cast iron skillet, you’re already quite familiar with the need to prep yourself before essentially what is a weight lifting contest.

However, if improved handling isn’t enough, Finex wants to help make your cast iron cooking experience just as enjoyable but with less work than traditional cast iron, so each skillet’s interior is CNC machined to make it smooth, less sticky and easier to clean than the cast iron of yesteryear.

Now that the project reached its goal, only time and results from years of thorough kitchen use will tell if the Finex 12″ Cast Iron Skillet becomes the family skillet handed down from generation to generation.