Lodge Cast Iron Skillet


This is write up is for the Lodge Logic 10 1/4-inch cast iron skillet. There are other sizes but if you are just starting out or you don’t need to use an obnoxiously larger and significantly heavier skillet, the ten inch cast iron will do just fine.

There is a reason this is a number one seller virtually everywhere. Price, quality and consistency allows the Lodge (10-inch cast iron skillet) to maintain an edge over numerous competitor brand cookware in your average household kitchen. Virtually indestructible, you can use this skillet to cook almost anything.

The cast iron skillet is one solid piece of metal that gets very hot when placed in an ovenĀ  or when used over high heat, so please be careful when using. However, when you do use this skillet, look out! Flavor alert! Everything you cook in a Lodge (cast iron in general) takes on a unique flavor and character that wasn’t there when prepared in a standard pot or pan.

That’s another great thing about the Lodge cast iron skillet, you can use it for simmering, frying, searing, baking and more. It covers all over your basics in the kitchen. If you need more size simply upgrade to a larger Lodge cast iron skillet.

The tremendous beauty of the 10-inch skillet is that for around $20 or so you can get a great tool for your kitchen that will only get better with time. Many people rave about this skillet because they just can’t believe how much use they can get out of it for the price and a flavor that is truly something they thought only a professionally could manage.